Nestled in Malta’s charming Ddream hotel, Quench & Taste restaurant epitomizes culinary refinement and unparalleled hospitality. Beyond its inviting ambiance, it’s the heart of the gastronomic journey that awaits.
At dawn, Quench & Taste awakens, infused with vibrant energy. Doors swing open, warmly welcoming guests. The breakfast presented is a symphony of flavors and freshness. Guided by skilled chefs, dedicated to pushing culinary boundaries, the restaurant meticulously selects the freshest, most delectable ingredients. This commitment guarantees an extraordinary sensory experience, underscoring concern for dietary preferences.
Whether your palate craves traditional flavors or embarks on gastronomic adventures, Quench & Taste satisfies. From freshly baked croissants to artfully prepared hot dishes, breakfast transcends sustenance—it becomes an indelible memory, a testament to culinary passion.
Our aspiration is crafting an atmosphere enveloping guests in luxury, mirroring Ddream hotel’s unique charm. Opt for light breakfast or gourmet feast, Quench & Taste etches your stay.
At our core rests your satisfaction—a priority beyond measure. Quench & Taste embodies our unwavering dedication, surpassing expectations. Your delight, from the first bite to the last, is our triumph.

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