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Ddream Hotel is located in the bustling yet wonderful locality of St. Julian's, within the centre to the beautiful island of Malta. Surrounded with Mediterranean crystal clear blue sea, the Maltese Islands are 316 sq km (spread over 3 islands), with Malta being the largest, followed by Gozo and last but not least the charming smallest Island of Comino. All the 3 islands have a lot of different characteristics, which makes each worth visiting. The population of all the Maltese Islands is of approximately 450,000. Enjoying nice warm weather most of the year, the temperature is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean sea which makes the atmosphere more refreshing in the evenings whilst warmer during day time. Summer months tend to be quite hot with temperatures reaching 30° Celsius or even higher.

Both Malta and Gozo are easily accessible by car or public transport. Having small roads or arterial roads, one can find signage all along the way to easily reach any destination. Driving through various hills and slopes the coast areas can be easily reached, leading to picturesque, naturally sculpted rocky beaches, harbours, small bays and cosy sandy beaches. Gozo offers a more tranquil atmosphere and an unhurried way of life, making it the perfect location to unwind from a hectic life style. Valletta, Malta's capital city is marked as one of various Unesco World Heritage Sites, albeit not the only such location around the islands. Both Valletta & Mdina (the old capital city of Malta) are surrounded with stunning bastions dating back thousands of years and offer exceptional views! (HTTP://WHC.UNESCO.ORG/EN/STATESPARTIES/MT/),

Maltese is the official language, whilst English is the second language, with Italian, French and German widely spoken across the island.

Since joining the European Union in 2004, Malta's unit of currency is the Euro. Various currency exchange bureaux are easily accessible all over the islands. Various International and local events take place throughout the yearly calendar all around the island. Most of the villages promote their typical folklore and traditions such as the so called "Village Festa". Locals rejoice with a week of holiness and celebrations dedicated to their village patron saint with celebrations taken out to the streets during the whole week, holding processions with bands, amazing fireworks and local food sampling.

During April a very famous and awaited yearly event takes place in the small Farmers Village of Mgarr - ”Festa Frawli" (The Strawberry Feast). You can find a great variety of food and beverage created only from strawberries grown in the surrounding fields.

Whether looking for a couple of days' break, a weekend break, a long holiday, a business trip or simply a stopover visit, Malta surely is the right place to be and to re-visit over and over again. The well renowned friendly and warm hospitality of the locals surely make it even more unique, comfortable and yet perfect for any age group and tourist!